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Knife is cutting instrument made with combination of a blade and handle. Knife is humankind’s first instrument. In pre historic age knives is made of bones, rock, obsidian & flint. In todays’ modern age these knives are made up of copper, iron, bronze, steel, titanium & ceramics. In today’s time knives track either folding construction or fixed-blade style. These knives have different blade patterns & styles depending on countries of origin or makers.


Knives come in several forms, but it generally considered between two types: folding blade knives & fixed blade knives. A modern knife is made by assembling many parts such as a blade, point, handle, grind, edge, hilt, lanyard, guard & fuller. Men's Personal Effects is a leading online knives stores offering sport, tactical, outdoors & all purpose knives. They specialize in out of the front knife. Men's Personal Effects a renowned name in online knives store that offers all most all knives solutions for men’s. Menseffects provides best quality of out of the front knives with razor sharp blades and different patterns at unbelievably low rates. High quality automatic knifes are provided in economical and affordable range.