Peeling Knife Bureau to Ottawa Road police station, said a few minutes before she Jianhua Road by three young men robbed a cell phone and 180 yuan in cash. 3 criminals are knife, covered with a black hood face. Road police station in Ottawa to investigate, the next few days have occurred in the area and several similar robberies, the suspect committing the crime are masked, knife, robbed the object are lone women at night.

After preliminary examination, a 22-year-old Wang Lu, Weinan City Linwei people unemployed. According to his account, starting in 2006, he and fellow unemployed youth Liuchun Long, Wang Wei, Peng 3, has fled Hefei, Zhengzhou and Xi'an, the implementation of masked armed with knives robbed several times. Ottawa Road robbery was his family and Wang Wei, Wang Peng to 3 people. February 17, police arrested in Hua county will Peng, February 19, at Chang'an to Liu Chunlong captured.


Police advise: If anyone has been masked knife-wielding thugs robbed as soon as possible and contact the Ottawa Road police station.


City Public Security Bureau set up task force quickly through the string and judged the case and analysis, combined with the victim's description, the panel outlined several police soon suspect's physical characteristics. Police task force to obtain an important clue, a way in Ottawa sold building material men suspected of committing the crime, this man named Wang Lu, Zhai rental of the fish. Police rushed to the fish-based Zhai, learned by the landlord, Wang Lu and two or three men of similar age to live together, often in the way an internet cafe fish bucket. February 16 at 4 pm, police arrested Wang Lu will be in cafes.